Y.D.C Operations / Scarborough Local
Ad Hoc
Held on June 06,03
1860 Midland Ave.

P. Brennan G. Deveau
D. Racioppa M. Duquette
D. Daniels G. Miller
D. Porter D. Burke
D. Jones L. Charles
J. Connery  

The union raised a concern the SLB and Priority afternoon rtes were being changed on a regular basis, the union has had no observer or opportunity to review any of the changes being made to this tours. It was the unions position that these routes were being restructured.

Management responded that these were updates to the SLB routes, the franchise clearances were being removed from tours and added to the Priority Courier tours where time was available to perform that duty. This is a service improvement.

The union disagreed; stating that the movement of work from one tour to another is a restructure, agree that if the changes occurred from the addition/deletion of calls from a tour then the update process would apply. That is not the case here.

Management will review and respond to the union

Union proposed that no further action be taken until the signing of a new agreement, or they be allowed to review the tours that have been changed.

Management responded will respond, however asked if the union would be open to a minor reorganization of all the P.M. tours.

Union replied that consultation would be required first, but is not rejecting the idea.

Union further requested a 120 notice to the local for the green line installation and the impact to the MSC’s.

Management responded that the notice as per 29.03 was served nationally and consultation with the national union has taken place. Also advised that the MSC’s were not being affected with this project, no changes to the tours are planned based on this installation.

The union indicated that as per Swan decision the local has to be provided with a 120 day notice before implementation. Asked why a restructure was being planned after the implementation if no impact.

Management advised that a separate national project, notice served in January, is the rational for restructuring the tours however that is a separate project and involves sequencing, the green line is an operational change for parcel sortation. At this time the union was advised that the green line installation has been changed to the installation of a PAXIS sorter.

Union advised that a new notice would be required, also requested the specs of the machine.

Union asked as to the status of the current restructure exercise.

Management responded that due to some software problems it is on hold. With respect to the PAXIS spec’s would try to obtain, however we currently do not have all the details on the planned target date.

There was discussion regarding whether Delivery Support could restructure in the traditional way, this was ruled out due to the requirement of LDU specific tours.

Meeting adjourned.